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 The Itasca Municipal Court makes it easy to pay your Citation online.


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City of Itasca
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Itasca, TX 76055

Please enter your information below. If you are unsure of the amount of your Citation, please refer to the Schedule of Minimum Acceptable Fines on this page.

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Schedule of Minimum Acceptable Fines

(A) Begin with $134.00 BASE FINE & Add $3.00 for EACH MILE OVER THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT
(B) 26 mph or more over the SPEED LIMIT - Call the court
2. Defective Lights, Brakes, or Equipment - $92.00
3. Expired Driver License - $212.00
4. Expired Vehicle Registration - $112.00
5. Failure to signal or Unsafe Lane Change - $167.00
6. Failure to Drive in Single Lane - $167.00
7. Failed to stop at red light or stop sign - $167.00
8. Pass An Authorized Stationary Emergency Vehicle - $212.00
9. Illegal Unsafe or Improper Turn - $159.00
10. No Valid Driver License or Valid Motorcycle License - $212.00
11. Fail to Report Change of Address - $116.00
12. No Liability Insurance (Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility) - $337.00
13. Expired Vehicle Inspection Certification - $108.00
14. Permit Unlicensed Driver or Minor to Drive - $252.00
15. Safety Belt Violation
Adult Driver or Passengers - $167.00 per violation
Each child under 5yrs of age - $267.00
Each child 5 to 14 yrs of age - $167.00
16. Violate Driver License Restriction - $179.00
17. Failure to Display Driver License - $212.00
18. Open Container - $211.00
19. Failure to Appear - $230.00

Note: No one connected with this court receives any part of your fine. All court personnel are a straight salary. FOR ANY VIOLATIONS NOT LISTED CONTACT THE COURT FOR THE PROPER AMOUNT OF FINES. *Charges may be dismissed if defendant remedies defects within 10 calendar day **Charges may be dismissed upon presentation of a valid driver’s license to the Court, provide this license valid at the same time Citation was issued and is presented to the court on or before the appearance date noted on the citation. ***Charges will be dismissed upon presentation of evidence that insurance was in effect on the vehicle driven on date of citation. * An administrative fee of 10.00/or 20.00 may be added.